Rudy Giuliani Claims Mueller’s Investigators Are Sneaky Unethical Rabid Democrats

Congress wants to see Trump’s tax returns for the last six years. According to the New York Times, Trump did some creative financial maneuvering on his returns, and those shady entries gave him the ability to pay no taxes. Mr. Trump told the press his tax returns are in the IRS audit department. But according to the IRS, even if Trump’s tax returns were in audit mode he could still release them.

Congress found an old 1920s law that states lawmakers has a right to see any citizen’s tax returns, but Trump and the DOJ don’t care about that law. They plan to fight Congress to keep Trump’s taxes secret. Congress also wants to see Trump’s financial records. Lawmakers want his accounting firm to hand over those documents, but that’s another fight Trump plans to win. Plus, the Congressional Intelligence Committee wants to know if Trump and his organization played a role in the alleged money laundering scheme Deutsche Bank had in place with the Russian government. Trump denies he had any knowledge of a money laundering scheme.

Trump’s Barr summary victory is also in jeopardy. Mueller investigators say Barr’s summary of their report isn’t accurate. Investigators say there’s information in the report that could inflict serious damage to Trump. The Mueller report didn’t exonerate Mr. Trump. Mr. Barr did, according to the investigators. The investigators told DOJ officials Barr didn’t summarize the report the right way. They say they gave Barr information in their notes that don’t need redacting. Barr didn’t use those notes. He used his own opinion to give Trump a pass.

Rudy Giuliani told Fox News the investigators are a bunch of unethical and sneaky leakers. Rudy called them rabid Democrats who hate the president. Obviously, Rudy is in damage control mode. According to recent polls, most American want to see the complete report. Even Lindsey Graham thinks the complete Mueller report should go to Congress as soon as possible.

But despite the recent Mueller news, Trump found time to bash Joe Biden for his amorous inflections while he was vice president. Biden’s up close and personal approach with supporters doesn’t fly in the age of #MeToo. Joe apologized for acting like an infatuated schoolboy when he gets around women. Now that four women said Joe made them feel uncomfortable, Trump jumped into the Biden bashing with a video of a cartoon Joe putting his hands on Biden’s shoulders from behind. Trump added the phrase, “Welcome back Joe.”

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