The Scent Of Impeachment Lingers Around Nadler’s Committee

The Supreme Court pulled a page out of Bill Barr’s “let’s side with the president instead of the constitution” handbook when all the male legal eagles said Trump’s seek-asylum-in-the-first-country-you-come-rule was kosher.

Ruth and Sonia told the other chief justices protecting Trump’s quest to make America a white-only immigrant-loving nation makes them no better than he is, according to the New York Times. Mexico’s president told the press he thinks the Supreme Court has no business telling him how he should run his country.

Trump got the zero or below zero interest rate flu. The Trumpster knows the economic figures at the end of September won’t be good. He wants Jerome Powell to do what Japan and countries in Europe did and cut interest rates below zero to stimulate economic growth. But Trump’s tariff war will get in the way of that stimulus, according to several bank presidents. That’s why some members of the board don’t want to cut rates.

Powell told the press decent economic growth continues, but he didn’t say how long it will last. Some economists predict the U.S. will enter a recession in June 2020. Trump’s economists say they don’t see signs of a recession. But Mr. Trump knows low unemployment is only one ingredient in Gross Domestic Product growth.

Iran is still a political and global thorn in Trump’s side. EU members and Japan want Trump to drop the sanctions. Macron told Iran France would give the country a $15 billion line of credit so they can do oil business while Trump throws his sanction tantrum.

Trump told the press he might ease sanctions on Iran now that the rest of the world is on Iran’s side. Russia and China let Trump know they would stop him from blowing up Iran, according to the Washington Post.

The Trumpster’s weird story about Alabama’s weather got a lot weirder when a Trumpian working for NOAA followed Trump’s orders and threw National Weather Service scientists in the weather forecasting toilet. Trump denies he told Mike Mulvaney to get sleepy Wilbur Ross to threaten to fire anyone at NOAA who doesn’t back his Hippy Dippy weather claim up. But that’s what happened, according to the Washington Post.

Congressman Jerry Nadler and his judiciary committee want to impeach Trump. But Nancy Pelosi wants to wait. Nadler sent documents to Trump’s lawyers that show Trump obstructed justice and committed a plethora of crimes. Nadler and the committee read the Mueller report Bill Barr didn’t want anyone to read, and they found several illegal smoking guns, according to the Times.


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