SCOTUS Kicks Trump’s Census Question To The Lower Court’s Corner

President Trump has his hands full in Japan. He needs to take back all those snide remarks he said about other members of the G20 before he hopped on Air Force One to watch the first Democratic debate. Mr. Trump thought the debate was better than a sleeping pill.

Trump’s main agenda at the G20 is to make other countries do what he wants. He wants other G20 members to support his pending military war with Iran. He also wants President Xi Jinping to make him look like a trade hero back home. But Xi is in no mood to listen to Trump brag about adding $300 billion worth of Chinese exports to his tariff prison.

The Chinese let the world know they want a trade deal with the United States. But they will not let Trump change their internal laws and keep the tariffs in place. Adding more tariffs would shake the U.S. economy. The economy is already on Trump’s slippery economic slope. Adding tariffs or a war with Iran will be his downfall, according to the state-run Chinese news agency.

If Mr. Trump wants a trade deal with China, he will have to drop the tariffs, lift the extradition order so Canada can release the Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei. Canada has Meng under house arrest, and she’s seven months into her sentence for being a pawn in Trump’s trade war with China.

Mr. Trump will also have to allow U.S. tech companies free access to Huawei tech products and services. And he must treat the trade talks with respect and dignity. Two traits Trump lost when he became a mobster, according to the New York Times.

Europe wants to beat Trump over the head about his climate change denial. French President Macron has a meeting with Trump to discuss climate change. Macron told the press he’s not signing any G20 agreement unless Trump gets on board and stops his fossil fuel addiction.

The Supreme Court just let Trump know they don’t want to deal with his census citizenship question. The Court said Trump’s case was half-baked, so they sent it back to the lower courts. Trump wants a decision by June 30th from the Appeals Court. But the decision may not come for another four or five months. Trump wants to move the date the forms go out to October 30th. He thinks the courts will rule in his favor if the judge is a Trumpian.


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