Selfie Saves Man From 99 Years in Prison

A man in Texas who was looking at a 99 year prison sentence on a crime that he never committed says a selfie picture proved his innocence. In September of 2017, law enforcement showed up where the man worked to arrest him on a charge of burglary coupled with the intent to commit other crimes. “I had no idea of why this was happening,” he said. He was taken into custody to the Williamson County Jail. Bail was set at $150,000, and that’s where he sat until his family posted the bail.

The New York Post reports that the man later learned that his accuser was a former girlfriend from high school who went to the police with a false report of being a victim of a crime. She told police that the man illegally gained entry into her home in Temple and carved an X into her chest with a box cutter. She subsequently changed her story and admitted to police in Temple that she had a stormy relationship with the man several years ago. At the time of the alleged crime, the man was actually 65 miles from Temple in Austin with his mother.

Fortunately, the man took a photo of himself and his family that same evening. He then posted it on social media. His mother remarked that the accuser said that the attack happened on the day when she knew 100 percent where her son was at. Regardless of having a solid alibi, the man was charged anyway. Both police and legal experts question the propriety of the arrest. Ordinarily, the police will interview a person of interest before charging him or her with a crime. A former Austin police chief remarked that “You may not get any more information than you had, but it gives you an opportunity for the suspect to react, respond, deny.”

It took nine months for the prosecution to dismiss the charges against the man. His attorney said “Most of the time, we deal with gray matters. It’s not normally black or white, but this is one of those cases where I could definitely prove he did not commit this offense.” The woman was not charged for making false a false report to police.

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