Senators Take The Oath And The Arguments Begin

Meghan Markle may be the Duchess of Sussex, but she’s not a British citizen. She applied to be a British citizen after the royal wedding, but the application is somewhere waiting for the Queen to give her blessing. Meghan will have to spend six months and one day in the U.K. every year if she plans to become a citizen.

But Harry and Meghan have bigger fish to fry now that the Queen told Harry he could live In Canada and she would butt out. William told Harry to calm down and get to know Meghan before they got married. Harry’s love for Meghan hurt his relationship with William.

Lev Parnas took no prisoners when he let Pelosi and Schiff know he’s got the written proof the president wanted Ukraine to help him destroy Joe Biden. Mr.Biden’s son worked for a Ukraine gas company while he was VP. Mr. Trump thinks Biden tried to quid pro quo Ukraine to protect his son from corruption charges. Biden let Hunter take a $50,000 a month board job in Ukraine and he held a $1.1 billion aid check until Ukriane officials fired a corrupt prosecutor.

Parnas claims Mike Pence knew about what went on in Ukraine, but Mike keeps denying he did. When Pence ghosted the Zelensky inauguration, that hurt the new president’s credibility with the United States. Trump knows Ukraine needs his support to fend off the Russians.

When Pence didn’t show for the ceremony, Zelensky knew all banter Rudy Giuliani dished out before the ceremony was true. The president wanted Zelensky to announce he would investigate Hunter Biden’s gas company. Trump didn’t care if the investigation actually happened. The announcement was enough to create doubts about the ghosts in Joe’s VP closet.

Mr. Parnas threw Trump’s legal watchdog Bill Barr under the Ukraine bus along with Mulvaney, and Pompeo. He also told CNBC Trump’s Washington Hotel is a hangout for Congressmen and mobster hoping to make a deal with the president.

John Roberts made all the senators take the jurors’ oath. They all signed it, but Adam Schiff claims claim McConnell violated it, and so did Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and the other lawmakers who announced they would vote to acquit Trump no matter what the evidence proved.

One-hundred senators will have to make a choice. Political careers are on the line, and so is the constitution, according to Congressman Schiff.

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