Sexual Allegations against Bill O’Reilly

It has emerged that Bill O’Reilly settled a sexual harassment case back in January for $32 million. This came six months after he was ejected as an employee of Fox News. Details about the settlement were to light by people close to the investigation who sought for anonymity as they didn’t want to jeopardize their careers. This is the first time that these claims are being made public. Nonetheless, 21st Century Fox, the sister company of Fox News said that it had been notified about the claims of the woman. While the allegations included sending of pornography materials to the woman, others included nonconsensual sexual relationship, use of explicit material when with the woman and repeated harassment. The people who briefed the New York Times about the issue confirmed that this is the sixth time that defendant has settled this case. The defendant includes Mr. O’Reilly or his company. However, the latest settlement is the largest so far. With the 21st Century Fox fully aware of Mr. O’Reilly record, the company went ahead and negotiated a contract with him last February. Eventually, he was awarded a 25 million contract that would run for four years. According to the sources, it was revealed that the company unsuccessfully tried to stop the second wave of accusations against Mr. O’Reilly. These allegations were filed last summer, and once they emerged to the public, the former chairman Rodger Ailes was fired.

However, it has been reported that Rupert Murdoch together with his sons unanimously agreed to stand with Mr. O’Reilly in what was referred to as a calculated business stand. Together with his sons James and Lachlan, it has been revealed that they were aware of the sexual harassment accusations made against the executive. It was reported that the decision to stand by Mr. O’ Reilly was an effort to prove to the board, employees and the public in general that they had transformed the workplace culture of the company. The decision to hold onto him might have been inspired by his worth to the company after Megyn Kelly left the company for greener pastures. However, the Murdoch family decided to fire the executive in April when the allegations became public. This meant that the executive posed a great threat to their executive. It has emerged that federal prosecutors looking into the sexual harassment allegations against the former Fox employee have asked for documents related to the case.

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