A Shooting in Pleasant Grove, Alabama

Things have been tough in Pleasant Grove in Alabama in recent times. Marshae Jones was arrested by law enforcement officers not too long ago at all. They stated that the woman initiated a confrontation that lead to dire impacts. Her child who wasn’t yet born was shot and killed. People everywhere have sent scathing messages to police after learning about the grave situation.

A lady who resides in Southern California in San Diego stated that she’s going to get people who run businesses to ban Pleasant Grove. She put this comment on Facebook as well. It appeared on the city’s Police Department account. One individual labeled the police offers of the community as being “trash” and “misogynistic.” There was even a person who instructed people to terminate their jobs.

Robert Knight is the professional who serves as the city’s police chief right now. He indicated that the people who were part of his team didn’t have much of an option. He revealed that the officers are obligated to abide by any laws that are in place no matter what. Knight stated that his officers consistently proceed in manners that are in line with specified legalities.

According to nytimes.com, people in the United States think that Jones’ circumstances highlight some key points that pertain to how the members of the general public view females who are expectant. Many think that the circumstances highlight “penalties” that are linked to pregnancy and women nowadays as well.

Pleasant Grove is a community that has a total of 10,000 or so residents right now. It’s not far at all from Birmingham, a sizable metropolis in Alabama. The situation isn’t a massive one in Pleasant Grove. Rights that involve guns are a big thing in the city. Rights that involve female reproductive systems, on the other hand, aren’t spoken about with as much frequency.

Pleasant Grove’s sole supermarket is referred to as “Foodland.” There were a pair of women who waited outside of the business. They were attempting to gather funds for cheerleaders in the neighborhood. They indicated that the shooter and Jones should encounter the impact of the things they did. They suggest that the individuals go to courses that concentrate on the management of emotions such as anger. Sharonda Hall is a woman in her thirties who states that babies who are unborn are similar to those who are already walking. She aspires to go to law school.

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