“Smallville” Actress Allision Mack Arrested on Sex Cult Allegations

Allison Mack and self-help specialist Keith Raniere were arrested last week. Each of them was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor. Mack is widely known from her role as Chloe, who is Clark Kent’s close friend in the hugely successful television series “Smallville.” If convicted, both face up to 15 years in prison.

Raniere is alleged to be the leader of a sex cult, and Mack has been held out by authorities as a recruiter of unsuspecting women for him and his group called NXIVM Both of them have entered pleas of not guilty. Authorities further allege that Mack told women she was recruiting that they were entering into a female mentorship program. As reported by ABC News, federal prosecutors stated that “Mack and other … masters recruited … slaves by telling them that they were joining a women-only organization that would empower them and eradicate purported weaknesses the NXIVM curriculum taught were common in women.”

In court, one of the prosecutors remarked that “under the guise of female empowerment” the actress “the actress starved women until they fit her co-defendant’s sexual ideal.” A prosecutor went on to say that Mack then made the women who she recruited engage in sexual behavior with Raniere. He then paid the actress in return.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico where NXIVM is also located. He’s presently in Brooklyn and being held without bail. It’s unknown whether anybody else has been or will be charged. Kristen Kreuk was a co-star of Mack’s in “Smallville.” She confirmed that in the past, she was involved in a self-help group involving Mack and Raniere. She stated that she took a course with “Executive Success Programs/NXIVM” to overcome shyness, but left the program about five years ago. She related that when with the group, she never experienced any “nefarious activity”. She was “horrified and disgusted” about the accusations.

Raniere’s lawyer also denied the allegations against his client. In defense of Raniere, he stated that no influence or pressure caused anybody to do anything against their will.

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