Stormy Daniels Files Third Lawsuit Against President Trump

Stormy Daniels recently filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and her former lawyer responsible for representing her in a non-disclosure agreement in 2016. Daniels, a pornographic film actress, has claimed that she had an affair with current President Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported that the suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Daniel’s former lawyer, Keith M. Davidson, and President Trump’s personal lawyer. The claim states that the lawyers acted with malice and breached fiduciary duty along with aided and abetted breach of fiduciary duty. The Times reported that Daniels’ is seeking $200,000 for damages and an unspecified amount of punitive damages.

Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ current lawyer, has now filed three lawsuits related to the non-disclosure agreement and Trump. The lawsuit alleges that Cohen and Daniels discussed if Daniels would make an appearance on the Sean Hannity show to debunk the accuracy of an article from InTouch magazine regarding her and the current President.

The exhibit includes texts between the two regarding a possible January appearance for Daniels. Cohen wanted her to appear on the show to debunk the rumors, and Davidson replied that Daniels was unavailable. Cohen later texted that Clifford shouldn’t do an interview because the story’s popularity was dwindling. Davidson also agreed to Cohen’s terms not to do an interview or statement unless it was through the lawyer.

The suit also alleges that Davidson warned Cohen beforehand about her possibly filing a lawsuit against the president and hiring different counsel. Cohen then proceeded to attempt to silence Daniels by attempting to get a restraining order against the actress.

The exhibit shows texts between Cohen and Davidson on March 2nd. The texts state that Davidson informed Cohen about Daniels filing a lawsuit. He never got Clifford’s permission to discuss the matter or give information to Cohen.

The complaint also says that Clifford has requested her complete client file at least five times, and Davidson has yet to return it to her. It also alleges that he was involved in trying to create a fake story for the Wall Street Journal saying Daniels wasn’t cooperative with investigators currently working on the Cohen investigation in the Southern District of New York.

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