Supreme court Justice Brett Kavanaughs blow on impending nomination

Just days before the judiciary committee is set to vote to advance the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ,some rather embarrassing allegations of sexual assault against him emerge. Christine Blasey Ford, the alleged victim claims that Kavanaugh attacked her 35 years ago during a high school bash. In a letter written to a senior law maker of the Democratic Party, she gave a detailed account of how the incident happened.

These allegations have, however, raised a lot of questions by the republicans, wondering why the young professor at Palo Alto University had decided to stay mute for all these years, only to resurface on the eve of the vote. Kanavaugh, who claimed not to know the accuser until she identified herself, has since refuted the allegations by categorically denying the allegations, saying that he did not do that sort of thing in high school or at any time. Kavanaugh has served as a judge in the court of appeals in the US for the District of Columbia since 2006. He was later nominated for a spot on the U.S Supreme Court by President Donald Trump as a replacement to the outgoing justice Anthony Kennedy, in July 2018. Kavanaugh went to the renown Yale law school and has worked in the White House for President George W bush as a counsel and staff secretary, making him very a great intellect and most qualified for the impending advancement.

Brett Kavanaugh has had a smooth running and successful career. He was about to make his next big step through the Supreme Court nomination, when the accusations came knocking. Although the allegations could pose as a major hitch to his political career, Senator John Kennedy on Sunday stated that the vote would proceed as planned, on Thursday. He also talked of how embarrassed he had been by the whole process, saying that the hearings have had been marred by constant interruptions by protesters.

Despite Senator Kennedy’s sentiments, many feel that Kavanaugh should be worried of losing the nomination, given the nature of the accusations .Both the accused and the accuser are set to testify under oath before the judiciary committee of the US Senate. Dough Jones, a democrat elected to the senate calls for a pause on the nominations but even if they resume business, whether the vote will be in favor of or against Kavanaugh will highly depend on the direction that the sexual misconduct allegations will take.

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