Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is going through various changes. There is a massive shortage of qualified drivers, and most trucking companies struggle to remain profitable. The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of truck drivers. The court ruled that truck drivers can sue trucking companies for labor a report by Business Insider, the vast majority of truck drivers are considered independent contractors. Contractors typically have fewer legal rights than employees. However, with the recent ruling, truck drivers will now have more options for receiving recourse for the actions of trucking companies.


The port in Los Angeles is one of the largest ports in the world. In recent weeks, the port has started to endure multiple shipping issues. With the tariffs from China having an impact, companies are buying inventory from other nations. The port cannot handle all of the additional goods coming in. As the port gets congested, truck drivers have to wait in line to drop off their products. During this waiting period, truck drivers typically do not receive compensation. Most truck drivers are compensated based on how many miles are driven.

Workers at the port recently threatened to go on strike. If workers do strike, it will be a terrible time to do so. Some truck drivers have threatened to take legal action against trucking companies if the labor laws are not changed. In many cases, truck drivers are going on routes and getting paid less than minimum wage.

Other Issues

Other issues are impacting the trucking industry. Autonomous vehicles are starting to become a reality. Many young people do not want to become truck drivers because autonomous vehicles could drastically change the industry. Trucking companies cannot pay truck drivers more because of declining profits.

Executives of trucking companies need to act quickly to prevent any legal damages from the recent ruling. Companies must start paying truck drivers fairly to avoid legal action in the future.

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