Synagogue Shooter To Be Charged With Hate Crime

In what has been described as the deadliest assault against the Jewish population in United States history, the man alleged to have killed 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday is expected to have federal hate crime charges levied against him. According to federal and other law enforcement officials, 46 year-old Robert Bowers is expected to face as many as 29 criminal counts, including using a firearm in the commission of a murder, and also obstructing other’s rights to freely exercise their religious beliefs, which is deemed a hate crime.

IN a report by CNN, the shooting, which lasted for nearly 20 minutes, ended when Mr. Bowers was confronted by police officers and SWAT team members as he was preparing to exit the Tree of Life Synagogue. Retreating inside and barricading himself in a nearby room, he chose to surrender to officers after a brief standoff. Wounded himself from gunfire, Mr. Bowers was taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital, where he is currently listed in stable condition.

In addition to the federal charges, Mr. Bowers is also expected to face various state charges, which will include numerous counts of aggravated assault, criminal homicide, and ethnic intimidation. Although he had no previous criminal history and was not on any law enforcement watch lists, Mr. Bowers allegedly had social media accounts where he posted anti-Semitic information. According to officials, an account created in January on the social media site Gab was done so under the name of Mr. Bowers, and in recent weeks has had multiple postings stating hatred of the Jewish population.

After evacuating the apartment building where Mr. Bowers lived, police initially searched his apartment using a robotic bomb-detecting device, as well as police dogs. Once they determined it was safe to enter, they discovered he has 21 guns registered to him, all of which they believe were purchased legally.

Until this attack occurred, the deadliest assault on the U.S. Jewish population took place in Seattle in 1985, when a gunman killed four members of a family he believed to be Jewish, an assumption which was later proven to be incorrect. Along with this incident, in 2014 a white supremacist in Kansas City, MO gunned down three people near a Jewish Community Center.

Because this is a developing story, more details are expected to be released in the days to follow. To learn more about this incident, visit Your text to link….

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