Tis’ The Season For The President To Re-Gift Presents According To Don Jr.

President Trump may be the fox the Democratic hounds in Washington want to catch and devour. But during the Christmas season, Mr. Trump is just another father who wants to give his children gifts that represent his love and affection. But some politicians argue that Trump is like the Grinch that stole Christmas. Bustle describes his un-Christmas-like policies make the holiday season feel more like a Nightmare on Elm Street, according to the Democrats.

But Trump still has a little Christmas joy running through his veins, according to his son Donald Trump Jr. Don Sr. didn’t want to give his oldest son the junior label, according to Ivana’s 2017 book. Trump thought he would lose credibility if Don Jr. turned out to be a loser. But that didn’t happen. After years of “Art of the Deal” conditioning, Don Jr. is his father’s son. He walks the walk and talks the talk that makes the Trump name such a bigoted, racist flamethrower in the Western World.

It’s no secret. Don Jr. would fall on his Trumpian sword for his dad. Little Don knows where the Russian ghosts went after the Trump organization allegedly put a deal together that put the family in the White House. He knows how to push the right political buttons to make Trump’s voter base explode in anger. Trump Jr. is a Donald, and he’s proud of it.

Don Jr. is so proud of his dad he doesn’t mind when the president gives him Christmas gifts that came from other people. He loves to get the old monogrammed Polo shirts and the other clothing that have the “DJT” mark of excellence in their fabric DNA. In fact, one year, Don Sr. gave Don Jr. a gift that Don Jr. gave him during a past Christmas season. It doesn’t bother Trump Sr. that he violates the rules of etiquette for re-gifting gifts without letting people know they didn’t really come from him.

But re-gifting holiday gifts is way down on the list of rule violations stamped with the Trump name. Don Jr. laughs when he talks about his dad’s lack of etiquette. He knows his dad has other qualities that make him the best dad during the Christmas season. Don Jr. likes to stand behind Don Sr. and defend him when the truth seems to pull a piece of the president’s resolve from his thick skin. And Donald Trump Jr. is proud to wear his dad’s old shirts and ties. They make him feel like the special son and a presidential possibility.

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