Transgender Student Loses Big Scholarship Thanks To New Law

Just a week ago, the United States Department of Defense had officially kicked into action a new controversial law regarding whether transgender United States citizens are able to enlist in any of the five branches of the military.

Although the policy, which has strongly been supported by President Donald Trump, is effectively a ban on transgender people from entering the military, the Department of Defense stated last week that the new policy was not a ban.

Here’s a little information about how the policy works. People who were already enlisted in any of the five branches of the United States military before April 12, 2019, were able to remain in the ranks of whatever branch they were serving. According to the policy, they must have already secured a physician’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria, a mental condition in which males aren’t comfortable with being male and females aren’t comfortable with their female body.

The Department of Defense further allowed people who met the aforementioned conditions to serve whatever branch they’re in under whichever gender they prefer. They would also be able to continue receiving hormone treatments, an ongoing medication regimen that transgender people take to more convincingly appear as if they were born as the gender they’ve transitioned to, and surgery involving the reassignment of genitals.

However, the effective ban – don’t call it a ban to the face of any spokespeople with the United States Department of Defense, however – barred people with gender dysphoria who are also taking hormone replacement therapy or have already elected themselves to sexual reassignment surgery from enlisting in the military.

One of the many downsides to the recent enactment of military enlistment legislation is that some transgender people will lose their scholarships to college, such as Map Pesqueira, a student enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin.

Map had already secured a scholarship via the military, in which the Texan is enrolled.

However, thanks to the recent legislation from none other than the Department of Defense, Map could soon lose his scholarship, effectively forcing him to leave school.

Pesqueira, a 19-year-old who has lived in Texas since birth, is just two weeks away from finishing up his freshman year at the University of Texas at Austin. Map is also a member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, better known as ROTC. He received a three-year ROTC scholarship before graduating high school. Unfortunately, he’ll be disqualified from the program, and, therefore, the scholarship.

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