Trump Advisor Jared Kushner Used The Son-In-Law Card To Trash Ex-Jersey Governor Chris Christie During The 2016 Campaign

Before Chris Christie became governor of New Jersey, he was a popular Republican politician. But after enduring several scandals while he held that position trashed his popularity rating. The people couldn’t wait for Christie to leave the state, but his pal Donald Trump took him in and showered him with promises. Christie became head of Trump’s transition team. Some news reports said Christie would be the next attorney general when Trump took office.

During the 2016 campaign, Christie and Trump were besties until Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and Middle East advisor threw Christie out with the Monday trash. According to excerpts from Christie new book “Let Me Finish,” Jared hates Christie for prosecuting his father, Charles Kushner in 2005. Charles Kushner spent a year in the slammer for tax evasion and witness tampering, and his son never got over it. Jared blamed Christie. Kushner still harbors a grudge, and it is still as strong as it was 14 years ago.

Steve Bannon pulled Christie off the transition team in 2016. Bannon told Christie Kushner was the man responsible for kicking him to the political curb. In 2016, Kushner told members of the Trump team Christie acted inappropriately and unethical without stating any facts to back up those claims, according to Christie’s book. Even though Christie, a former presidential candidate, backed Trump before most conservative Republicans did, he never got a chance to be part of Trump’s cabinet.

The ex-governor unloaded on the Trump administration in his book due to drop on January 29th. Chris claims Trump surrounded himself with a group of undesirable cabinet members. Christie thinks those people are a bunch of rogues who try to undermine the president’s agenda. Mr. Christie claims Trump’s revolving door of misfits, weaklings, grifters, and felons who got their jobs without the proper vetting or proper experience. Christie claims Trump trusts people he shouldn’t trust, and some of those people are close to him.

Mr. Christie is an avid Trump supporter. He often acts as a surrogate for Trump on the Sunday morning talk shows. Chris claims Trump’s presidency can’t be as effective as Trump wants it to be because a small group of his allies try to sidetrack the president’s efforts to get things done. Christie claims he did everything he could to get Trump elected.

Christie still stands up for Trump even though Jared Kushner never misses an opportunity to keep Chris Christie under political wraps. But Christie’s book pulls those wrappers off, according to the unpopular ex-governor.

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