Trump Blocks Don McGahn’s Assistant From Spilling The Obstruction Beans

Governor Cuomo signed a bill that could help Congress get Trump’s state tax returns. New York can turn over state tax returns to Congress if a congressional committee asks for them, according to the bill Cuomo signed. Congress sued Trump and the Treasury Department in order to get Trump’s federal returns, but the case is a court battle. Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, told the press he won’t ask for the state returns until his lawsuit against Trump ends.

Mr. Trump didn’t waste time when British Ambassador Kim Darroch’s secret memos hit the press. He told Prime Minister May Darroch is a loser, and he wants to send him home. Darroch’s description of the dysfunction, chaos, ineptness, and unpredictability that surrounds everything Trump touches is no secret. The media made the same claims about the president, but he was able to deflect those comments by calling the mainstream media “Fake News.”

But Darroch didn’t call Trump an insecure and incompetent president to sell news articles. He wrote about Trump’s presidency so his country could determine how to deal with Trump. Darroch’s memos paint a picture of a president who mixes a few facts with a lot of fiction when he stands in front of the cameras. Another Darroch memo said most of the people who attend Trump’s rallies are white. Darroch also told his superiors Trump could throw the World Trade Organization to the curb at any time, and he will continue to launch tariff weapons at allies.

The Democrats believe Trump continues to profit from foreign governments while he is in office. More than 36 subpoenas are in play and the goal is to dig into Trump secretive and complicated personal and business financial records. Last month, a federal judge gave the Democrats the green light to continue the legal discovery process.

The Department of Justice claims Trump will suffer irreparable damage if Congress sees his financial records. The DOJ wants to protect the presidential office in the battle over Trump’s financial records. But according to legal experts, Congress will eventually get Trump’s financial information. But it could take months before the all court proceedings end, according to CNN.

Attorney Annie Donaldson, Don McGahn’s former legal assistant, told Congress she couldn’t answer the 200 written questions about Trump’s meltdown over the Mueller investigation. The White House blocked her from answering questions about Trump’s conversations with former White House attorney Don McGahn. Trump asked McGahn to fire Mueller, and Donaldson has the notes to prove it, according to the Washington Post. But getting her to testify about Trump’s quest to obstruct justice will take more time thanks to Trump’s legal stonewalling.

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