The Trump Campaign Is Paying Some Of Michael Cohen’s Legal Fees

Michael Cohen, Trump’s Rottweiler-type attack attorney is getting a little love from his man crush in the form of legal payments. According to ABC News, the Trump campaign covered almost $228,000 of Cohen’s legal expenses between October 2017 and January 2018. And According to Federal Election Commission records, three payments from campaign funds went to McDermott Will and Emery, the law firm where Cohen’s attorney, Stephen Ryan is a partner. The payments were for “legal consulting” work, according to those records. An ABC News report claims those payments were for Cohen’s legal defense. And that may be a violation of campaign finance laws, according to that ABC News report.

Mr. Cohen claims he didn’t have a formal role in Trump’s campaign. According to campaign finance laws it’s illegal to use campaign funds for personal use. That means there is some explaining to do according to the chief of strategy at the nonprofit watchdog group Common Cause, Stephen Spaulding. Spaulding said the payments to Cohen are on shaky legal ground. Like most of Trump’s business and political maneuvers, there is an unethical shroud hanging over those payments, according to some legal experts. If those payments are for legal work on the Stormy Daniels issue, there could be another problem in Trump’s presidential legal wheelhouse.

No one is sure what the payments to Mr. Cohen are for unless legal consulting is an appropriate way to describe getting a mentor out of a lot of trouble over the years. According to various media sources, Mr. Cohen has a reputation for using strong-arm tactics to protect Trump’s interest in some of his sketchy personal and business deals. Michael Cohen isn’t commenting on the payments. And the White House isn’t talking about them either.

There is a lot of mud in the swamp where Cohen and Trump meet to discuss how they will handle the next Stormy Daniels type case. Or how they will handle another piece of Trump’s alleged connection with Russia when it surfaces.

Mr. Cohen is the topic of an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. And Robert Mueller is getting closer to unraveling Russian-Trump relationship. So the $228,000 payment to attorney Stephen Ryan may just be a down payment for the work he’ll do to keep Cohen from wearing an orange jumpsuit, and that’s not legal, according to legal experts.


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