The Trump Foundation in Legal Woes

A New York Senator has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump, his three sons, and The Trump Foundation. The lawsuit was filed last week where recommendations were to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS. Such claims could instigate investigations on separate counts. They were accused of illegal conduct exceeding a decade. It seeks a compensation fee of 2.8 million dollars plus additional fines and penalties. Further drastic measures include shutting down of Trumps’ charity known as the Trump Foundation.

The senator appealed that during Trump’s campaign in 2016, the organisation practiced some illegal coordination. Also, the organisation made unlawful multiple self-dealing transactions to benefit the President and his business interests. Barbara Underwood, the senator, filed the lawsuit against the mega-billionaire. Her press secretary, Amy Spitalnick said that they did not have any criminal jurisdiction over nonprofit entities. This is the main reason why the lawsuit is under the IRS and the Federal Election Commission.

The investigation carried out came to find out that the foundation raised more than 2.8 million dollars. It was meant to influence the election on Trump’s favour and senior authorities in the campaign. In January 2016, an event held by Trump to fundraise for the veterans in Iowa town, who participated in the Fox News primary debate, went sour. Corey Lewandoski, the senior chief campaigner, was accused of directly involving himself in the payouts to nonprofit organizations. Such acts are complete violations of state and federal law.

Business Insider tried to shed light on the matter through the Twitter handle belonging to Lewandoski, only for him not to respond. Other watchdogs like the ethics in Washington and Common Cause also complained about the inappropriate misconduct of the Trump Foundation. Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause told the Business Insider that the coordination violates the soft money ban. He continued to say that the Iowa event was for goodwill but coincided with Trump’s campaign. The event sort of earned Trump some points for his presidential campaign.

The wrongful use of the Foundation to aid his campaign was deliberate. According to CNN, the standard campaign-finance violation, it would be termed as a criminal matter. The director and general counsel at Campaign Legal Centre, Larry Noble, said he saw likely legal problems especially with the finance law and the Internal Revenue Code. He added that should the campaign be assisted by the charity’s contributions, then that would be a violation of campaign-finance law. It instigates the funding of political campaign by corporates.

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