Trump Issues First Ever Veto

President Trump recently issued his first-ever veto as president of the United States. Donald Trump vetoed a measure pushed forth by Republicans and Democrats that would end his declaration for a border wall along the American-Mexican border.
The veto was in response to Trump’s own Republican party, which made efforts to stymie the wall’s construction. The border wall was a promise made during his initial campaign to become president and is sure to become a focal point of the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.
Congress will most likely not be able to override the veto decision. The bipartisan decision was done to combat the process to use money allocated for other programs to fund the border wall’s construction.
Twelve Republicans in the Senate felt that Trump had abused his authority as president.
Trump has doubled down on the need for a border barrier. He’s cited the immigration crisis as cause for the wall’s importance and was openly supportive of his veto decision.
The White House had made efforts to lobby the border wall’s necessity to Republicans in the Senate to help bolster support. Trump did not acknowledge the White House’s efforts at lobbying support but noted that he had sympathy for the opposition’s attempt at hindering the barrier’s creation.
The Attorney General stated that Trump’s emergency declaration was completely legal.
As a response to the veto, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives said that her chamber would attempt to override the veto during a vote held on March 26.
However, since the Senate would also have to override the veto, the possibility of it happening is rather slim. It is unlikely that more Republicans will display bipartisanship towards this issue.
Although Trump has often pointed out a linkage between illegal immigration and crime, researchers have noted that immigrants are not as likely to engage in criminal activities.
Ultimately, the President hopes to erect the wall to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise. To read more about this issue, check out the original here.

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