Trump Just Got His “Collusion’s Not A Crime” Nuts Squeezed By A Trump Judge.

President Trump likes to fight in court. He learned how to deal with judges from his old pal, disbarred lawyer Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn was Senator McCarthy’s lawyer during the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings. And Cohn played a big role in the senator’s quest to prosecute suspected Communists.

Trump needed a lawyer who wasn’t afraid to step on the back of the justice system using nefarious methods. Roy Cohn was the guy who could get Trump a court win even when the Trump was in the wrong. Cohn had a special way of handling judges. Mr. Cohn would dig deep into a judge’s past and look for things he could use against the judges who presided over Trump cases. Cohn would look for people who could get to the judge in some way so the judge would change his opinion during a Trump lawsuit. It wasn’t uncommon for Cohn to ask judges what they wanted to rule in favor of his client. According to some old news reports, Trump’s deep pockets helped pay judges to side with him.

Trump and Cohn were a dynamic duo until Cohn passed in 1986. But by then, Trump’s opinion of judges wasn’t a secret. Mr. Trump believes judges mix their political opinions with their court opinions. Liberal judges were the enemy, according to Trump. When Trump had the power to put conservative judges in place, he made sure Chief Counsel Don McGahn, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions did what they could to carry out his plan to put conservative judges in place all over the country. According to Vox report, Mr. Trump thought conservative judges would rule in his favor when one of his constitutional breaking edicts shook the essence of democracy.

But Trump’s conservative judge theory didn’t hold up when Dabney Friedrich a U.S. District Judge said Trump’s claim that collusion is not a crime is fake news. She presided over the case that the Mueller team brought against Concord Management. Mueller claims Concord Management used fake identities and Russian operatives to influence the 2016 election on social media sites.

Trump thought Judge Dabney Friedrich would rule in Concord Management’s favor. After all, she is a Trump judge. Trump and his legal henchmen appointed her last year. In a long-winded opinion, Friedrich ruled collusion can be a crime if the intent is to pull a fast one on a department of the government.

That legal decision put Trump on notice. If Mueller proves Concord Management and the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, Trump days of saying there was no collusion will be as meaningless as his attempt to ask the Supreme Court to hear his case about a transgender military ban before they address they normal docket.

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