Trump Knew Erdogan Would Missile Fry The Kurds

Rudy Giuliani got excited when Lindsey Graham told him his Senate Judiciary Committee is ready to help him spread Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theories, and that Joe Biden is a criminal, like him.

Mr. Giuliani likes to use his criminal clients to spread his conspiracy theories. Two Ukraine born Floridians helped Rudy get an audience with Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign, and they used a bunch of shell corporations to do it.

The president told Pelosi he’s not playing by constitutional rules and Bill Barr and Pompeo aren’t either. Trump refuses to cooperate until Congress holds an impeachment vote. Trump claims Adam Schiff should be in an orange jumpsuit for setting up a partisan kangaroo court. The Trumpster still claims his Zelensky shakedown was a perfect mobster procedure.

Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence continue to back the Trumpster. Pence and Pompeo are neck-deep in the Ukraine shakedown. Both men knew Trump wouldn’t release the military aide payment until Zelensky did Trump a solid by screwing with the 2020 election. Pence still claims he didn’t know about the shakedown. Bill Barr told the press he wasn’t in the Ukraine loop, but Trump’s phone call proved that was a lie, according to the Washington Post.

George Conway sent a letter to Republicans in the Senate after Trump’s mobster move on Zelensky. Conway told the Senators Trump continues to shred the constitution. He reminded them they took an oath to protect the constitution. But it will take more than a letter from Conway to convince Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell to throw Trump under the Ukraine bus. Graham said Republicans will not convict Trump based on his conversation with Zelensky. McConnell told the press he would stop the trial as soon as it got to the Senate.

The call between Mr. Trump and Mr. Erdogan produced a major cluster-bang on the Syrian border. Erdogan’s been on Trump’s ass for months to let him missile fry the Kurds. The Turkish leader thinks the Kurds are enemies, and Trump does too, according to Republicans and Democrats.

Mr. Trump tried to justify his decision by saying the Kurds didn’t fight in WWII and other stupid deflective statements. But Erdogan said Trump told him to open the door for ISIS again. Trump told the press that’s Europe’s problem, not his.

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