Trump May Push The Pardon Button Now That He Believes He’s Exonerated

Mr. Trump is still high from his unverified Mueller investigation win. Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr, Mr. Trump thinks Mueller didn’t discover his deal with the Russians. He told Fox News no president should go through the trauma he experienced during the two-year investigation.

The president and the U.S. constitution live in different worlds. Trump wanted to step on the constitution a lot more. But when James Comey opened that FBI investigation to prove what so many people around the world already knew, the Trumpster had to keep his illegal agenda focused on his border wall debacle.

Mr. Trump may think the Russian investigation is over, but according to federal prosecutor David Goodhand, the investigation hasn’t lost any steam since Mueller gave his report to Bill Barr. Investigators still want to know why an unnamed corporation won’t turn over documents related to the Mueller investigation.

But the president doesn’t care about the ongoing investigations that could show he had a long-term deal with Russia. Money laundering is on the list of questions investigators have for this unnamed foreign corporation. The Congressional Intelligence Committee is also looking for proof Trump helped Russia launder money.

Despite the pending challenges Mr. Trump still has to face, he is on the offensive. According to Fox News, the Trumpster might pardon the Trumpians Mueller indicted. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort might be first on the pardon list. But Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani thinks that’s a bad idea. If Trump pardon’s Manafort Congress would go ape-shit, according to Giuliani. Rudy thinks a Manafort pardon would send the wrong message.

Manafort may have to wear an orange jumpsuit for seven years. But the other Trump campaign officials Mueller charged with crimes could get a Trump pardon. George Papadopoulos, Mike Flynn, Rick Gates, and Roger Stone could walk free if Trump decides he wants to show the world he’s still in control.

However, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and legal muscle won’t be on the pardon list. Mr. Cohen did the unthinkable in Trump’s eyes. He ratted on Trump, and in the mobster world, that’s a death sentence. Mr. Cohen will serve five years for his crimes. Cohen said he doesn’t want a pardon. He wants to show the world he told the truth when he testified before Congress.

Mr. Cohen will do the time and probably write a book that tells his version of the Trump story. According to Cohen, Trump acts like mobster John Gotti, and he has the proof to confirm that statement.

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