Trump Plans To Continue To Use Executive And Legal Action To Work Around Lawmakers

President Trump showed his voter base who the real boss is when he vetoed a bill to stop his national emergency. But not all the Republicans in the Senate are happy about it. Even the senators who backed the president’s veto know the next two years will either get them reelected or they will go home knowing they backed the world political horse.

It’s not just the veto that has a lot of Republican senators worried. Mr. Trump makes decisions, and he says things that don’t fit what the founding fathers wanted to relay in the constitution. According to several constitutional experts, Mr. Trump continues to ignore the constitution and write a new constitution, according to Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump knows his veto will turn into a legal battle. He loves to battle in court. According to the New York Times, Trump has more than 4,000 legal battles under his ill-fitting suit. He uses lawyers to argue for him even when he knows his arguments are usually half-baked. His border wall emergency seems to fit into the half-baked category. But building a wall was his premier campaign promise. He’ll fight to the legal death to deliver a wall even though that’s not the primary debacle on the border.

Conflicts of interest seem to be front and center in Trumpland. The grounding of the Boeing 737-Super Max 8 is just one example of Mr. Trump’s desire to protect his friends instead of making the right decision for Americans, according to the Washington Post. The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg donated $1 million to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

According to several news reports, Trump didn’t want to ground the planes because of the economic impact it would have on his pal at Boeing. The United States was one of the last countries to ground the aircraft.

The Trump presidency is a gold mine for some members of the legal world. The president will continue to make his own legal rules. And lawmakers and groups like the ACLU will continue to sue him for allegedly breaking established rules.

Breaking rules because they don’t apply to him is how Mr. Trump rolls, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That’s why he has a stable of lawyers at his disposal. Fighting in court is Trump’s trump card, and he uses it to test the legal system. If he loses, he blames the loss on the Democrats or the “rats” that sold him out.

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