Trump Presidency Is In A Constant State Of Emergency

Donald Trump inherited a fortune from Fred Trump. Trump’s dad was a successful slumlord in New York City. Fred had all the right connections so his son Donald and his family got the best life could offer. Don went to an Ivy League University, and he schmoozed with the likes of mob attorney Roy Cohn. And when Fred passed, Trump inherited his fortune.

Mr. Trump likes to say he’s a self-made man. He said he started with nothing and built an incredible real estate empire by himself. Trump wrote a book about his “art of the deal.” But Trump left out the fact that he ran several businesses in the ground while he told the world he was the king of deal-making. Donald Trump, the businessman, bankrupted four of his casinos, and he managed to put Trump Airlines out of business.

But according to Don Sr., everything he touches turns to gold. He throws false accusations around to deflect the business carnage he creates. He runs the government the same way he runs his businesses. Mr. Trump believes his voter base wants his kind of knee-jerk, ill-informed leadership. He thinks his voter base wants a stubborn, dictator-type leader who has the last word in all government transactions.

Trump’s presidency is not the kind of presidency that cares about people. The government shutdown proves Trump doesn’t give a damn if people go hungry and lost their homes as long as he gets his way, according to a Yahoo financial article. Trump hired a group of Republican henchmen to do his presidential dirty work, according to several Washington Post Op-eds because Trump relates to the bad guys.

Political analysts say Mr. Trump White House management record shows a man who doesn’t listen. He wants to run the government his way. Based on Trump’s management history, his way means running the government into the ground, according to several news reports.

Trump’s chaotic management style is on full display. The world is able to see how the government of the United States really works under Trump. Some Democrats say the southern border issue isn’t a reason to put a state of emergency in effect. Those Democrats say Trump’s leadership is the real state of emergency facing the nation.

The world now knows Trump has no regard for consequences. His former chief of staff, John Kelly told the press Trump likes to come up with ideas that break laws. That’s how Trump rolls, according to the New Yorkers who watched Trump act like a Mafia don in the real estate development business.

Fred Trump didn’t know his son would become president, but he did know Donald would break the rules and claim victory even if he lost. That kind of mentality is in the Trump genes.

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