Did Trump Really Want To Prosecute Clinton And Comey?

It should be obvious; no matter what party floats your political boat, the President is a sucker for a good lawsuit. He likes to fight in court. The president’s lawsuit addiction makes a lot of lawyers happy, but it burns a hole in taxpayer pockets. But when someone challenges Mr. Trump or doesn’t conform to his way of doing business, he seeks other ways to get even. It easy to imagine Trump as the rich kid on a New York City playground playing touch football. He was the kid that let air out of his opponent’s bicycle tires because his team lost the game. Sore loser is in each strand of his DNA.

So when Hillary Clinton brought a smile and her political resume to the Trump’s knife fight in 2016, she didn’t have a chance. Hillary forgot Putin owed her one or two smackdowns for sanctioning Russia when she was Secretary of State. Putin got even by throwing Clinton under her own political bus in front of the nation.

And then Trump rolled over her with his preacher-like threats of damnation for using her personal email account to send official government business. Some of that information happened to have all those black Sharpie lines through most of the words. Ivanka Trump thought she would do what Hillary did and not get caught. But anyone with the last name of Trump doesn’t fly under the Democratic Party’s radar. Ivanka gets to taste a little of Hillary’s embarrassment when Congress gets back in session. And the president gets to fight with the Democrats.

That’s one reason it’s hard to believe Trump didn’t ask his former White House lawyer, Don McGahn, to prosecute Hillary Clinton for breaking federal law. Plus, it’s hard to believe he didn’t ask McGahn to slap an obstruction of justice charge on James Comey. Bashing Clinton would go to another level on the campaign trail. And trying to put James Comey in jail for doing his job sounds like a great way for Trump to get even. Comey made the fatal political mistake. He tried not to be political.

Don McGahn addressed the Comey-Clinton prosecuting order from Trump, but in true lawyer fashion, McGahn’s lawyer told the New York Times “no comment.” But his legal counsel did say McGahn never got the order to prosecute Comey or Clinton. The Clinton bashing may continue. Hillary could run in 2020. Trump prays that will happen before he gets out of bed in the morning.

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