Trump Stands Behind Kavanaugh For Showing His Junk At College Parties

Kim Jon Un didn’t waste time sending Mr. Trump another “beautiful letter” after the president fired Bolton. The North Koreans called Bolton a poisonous plant and a hater. But now that he’s out, Kim thinks Trump will lift the sanctions, and he can pretend to stop building a nuclear arsenal, according to Reuters.

South Korea’s President Moon will meet with Trump during the United Nations summit. Moon wants Trump to stop Kim’s missile firing-addiction. Mr. Trump has to resolve the Kim situation before the election, but Iran and China issues take precedence, according to the New York Times.

Now that Pompeo claims Iran is behind the drone attack on an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, Trump has to decide if he wants to take military action. The Iranians told Trump they had nothing to do with the drone attack, but if Trump wants to start a missile rumble, Iran’s leaders said: “bring it on.”

China wants a trade deal with Mr. Trump. China waived the tariffs they have in place on American pork and soybeans. And China’s chief negotiator Liu He told Bob Lighthizer China was ready to buy more farm products. Mr. He also told Lighthizer the Huawei ban and talks about intellectual property thief would happen, but not at the upcoming trade talk meeting. But Mr. He still wants Trump to drop the tariffs when they sign a deal. A trade meeting is in the works, but nothing will happen unless Trump makes more concessions.

Mr. Trump moved the tariff start date from October 1st to October 15th. But Trump will have to do more if he wants to claim a trade victory over the Chinese before the election. Former communications directors Anthony Scaramucci thinks China wants Trump to win the election. The Mooch claims Trump lit a match to America’s global credibility and China wants Trump to continue bashing former allies, and they want him to continue his friendship with dictators and criminals. The Chinese think Trump is America’s Kryptonite.

Trump’s legal advisor Kellyanne Conway told the Sunday talks shows Mr. Trump and his advisors don’t like to study volatile situations before they act. The president likes to go off half-cocked, and that’s another reason China wants Trump to win the 2020 election.

One of Brett Kavanaugh’s college friends told the New York Times the Supreme Court judge liked to pull out his junk during his college days. Brett’s friend told the FBI about Kavanaugh’s behavior during his confirmation farce. But the FBI didn’t paid attention to the proof that shows Brett was a drunken sexual predator, according to the LA Times.


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