The Trump Team Wants To Tape Giuliani’s Mouth Shut

President Trump’s decision to let Turkey eliminate the Kurds in Syria has the world in an uproar. Even Trump’s loyal Republicans think Trump’s an idiot for pulling U.S. forces out of the Syrian fight. Trump’s critics say his decision will bring ISIS back in the picture, and according to several news reports, the ISIS bad guys are already in the rumble again.

Mr. Trump tried to justify his decision in typical Trumpian fashion. He claims he wants to pull out of the Middle Eastern wars, but he continues to send troops to Saudi Arabia, and he pokes the Iranian bears every chance he gets. Trump’s troop pullout gives Russia a leg up on the Syrian table. And Iran cheered when they learned Trump did Erdogan’s dirty work in order to cut a weapons deal or to keep his Trump Towers open in Istanbul, according to the New York Times.

The Zelensky debacle continues to immerse Trump in impeachment swamp water. The former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told Congress Trump wanted to fire her after he realized she wouldn’t let Rudy Giuliani meet with Ukraine officials without the state department participating in his mission to find dirt than doesn’t exist on Joe Biden.

China’s top negotiator met with Trump to shake hands on a deal that sounds more like a move to keep the farmers happy with the president than a real trade deal. Trump called the deal phase one. He told the press the October 15th tariffs are on hold, but the December tariffs are still on the table. Trump’s critics say the phase one deal is nothing the stock market should get excited about even though the market jumped when Mr. Liu said China will buy more soybeans, wheat, and pork.
Chinese importers bought those products before Trump announced a tentative trade deal. The trade deal announcement was more about giving Trump a win in the eyes of the farmers, according to the Washington Post.

Rudy Giuliani claims he doesn’t know he’s under investigation by federal prosecutors in Manhattan even though a New York Times article says he is. Rudy used two of his criminal Ukraine clients to help him convince Ukraine prosecutor general Lutsenko to reopen a Biden investigation. Mr. Trump claims he never met the two mobsters, but Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas are big Trump donors through phony shell corporations. Both wheeler-dealers were in photos with Trump and Don Jr. while they tried to make an under-the-table fortune in Ukraine with Rudy.

Trump’s advisors want Rudy to stop talking and creating so much chaos during his TV appearances. But that’s not Rudy’s style, according to the president.

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