Trump Walks Away From The Census Citizenship Question

President Trump’s Fourth of July Campaign rally disguised as a salute to America will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The Park Service diverted $2.5 million from other obligations to pay some of the cost of moving tanks and preparing fighter jets to participate in this questionable event, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump plans to speak in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but according to the White House, his speech won’t be a campaign rally. But Trump’s critics say every time Trump is in front of an audience he talks about his reelection and how he plans to keep America great.

Keeping America great is not the way Europe views Trump’s presidency. Trump added $4 billion more in tariffs on European products after returning from the G20 Summit. Trump wants to stop Europe from subsidizing Airbus. Airbus is Boeing’s major competitor. Mr. Trump wants to help Boeing make a comeback from their 737Max debacle, according to the New York Times. The World Trade Organization hasn’t approved the additional tariffs, on whiskey, cherries, coiled copper, and a plethora of other products.

The unsanitary conditions in the detention center on the Southern border are out in the open after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the press the Trump administration forces migrant women to drink water out of toilets. Federal border agents are also under attack for creating a Facebook page filled with migrant jokes, and unacceptable comments about the treatment of migrants. AOC said border agents treat migrants like prisoners instead of asylum seekers. Democratic candidate Julian Castro took photos of the migrants with a hidden camera to show the abuse migrants endure on Trump’s watch.

Mr. Trump still wants an excuse to crush Tehran. The president said Iran’s decision to keep stockpiling uranium is a dumb move. Ben Netanyahu is ready to back up his business pal if Trump gives John Bolton the signal to bomb Iran. Ben has Israel’s troops on high alert. He wants Iran to continue testing Trump so he can play a part in missile-frying Iran.

The citizenship census question is no longer an issue. The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s quest to give Republicans an unfair advantage as well as to help zero-in on illegal immigrants. Mr. Trump usually fights decisions that don’t go his way, but he decided to drop the question. The Justice Department sent a one-sentence email to the plaintiffs in the New York case. The DOJ didn’t say why Trump gave up the fight. But Trump called the Supreme Court’s decision, sad.

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