Trump Wants To Meet North Korean President Kim Jong Un In 2019

Trump lies to call Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man.” Kim comes from a long line of Korean strongmen who isolated North Korea from the rest of the world. Even since the end of the Korean War, North Korea kept a relatively low profile. Kim maintained a business and trade relationship with China and a couple of other countries that don’t like the way the United States plays the foreign relations game.

President Kim kept the West on nuclear notice. Kim let the world know he’s still a player on the international scene by testing North Korean missile distances. He took great pride in letting the world know his missiles could reach the United States mainland. And he wasn’t afraid to tell the world his nuclear program was ready for action if what he called, “the imperialists in the United States” wanted to go a few nuclear rounds with him. His nuclear chest thumbing got loud and scary when Trump became president. Before Trump took office, Kim would shake the political trees in the United States from time to time, but it seems Trump’s win gave Kim new purpose.

The North Korean saw an opportunity when Trump beat his political chest and dared Kim to follow through on his threats. Trump knew Kim wouldn’t back down. The North Koreans were looking for a little respect from the United States. Kim thought Trump was the guy who could make that happen.

Mr. Trump set up a meeting with Trump to show his voter base he could tame the nuclear menace by using Trump philosophy on the dictator. And Kim thought he could get the brutal sanctions lifted if he made it look like he would do what Trump wanted. Trump wanted Kim to end his nuclear program and act like a Trump fan. Kim knew Trump needed a win back home so he said his country would stop their nuclear program.

But in true Kim Jong Un form, the deal with Trump was more about perceptions than reality. North Korea hasn’t put a plug on its nuclear efforts, according to Rappler’s news report. So Trump wants to set up another meeting in 2019, according to Reuters.

Trump said he wants to meet Kim in January or February to talk about what they talked about in 2018. Kim might accept that invitation if Trump sweetens the deal in some way. Going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the world stage gives Kim more power. And meeting with Kim gives Trump the distraction factor he needs to dance around more damaging Mueller information.

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