Trump Wants To Push A Non-Existent Healthcare Plan If He Wins The Affordable Health Care Lawsuit

Some news reports say Donald Trump is the legal profession’s best friend. Mr. Trump likes to fight in the courts. When Trump sees a defeat of any kind brewing, or if Congress wants to know more about his finances, Trump sues to protect his privacy. When Congress finds wrongdoing in the Trump White House, Trump blocks its attempt to find out what he’s really up to with lawsuits and executive orders.

Mr. Trump doesn’t win all his lawsuits, but he creates enough chaos and distractions to claim a win even when he loses. The Census citizenship question is a good example of how Trump turns a court defeat into a win, according to the Washington Post.

Trump won another lawsuit when an appeals court ruled Trump ownership in Trump Tower properties in Washington and New York doesn’t violate the law that says you can’t profit from a business or accept money from foreign governments if you are president. According to the Washington Post, Trump profits when foreign government officials stay at his hotels.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s special advisor, violates the Hatch Act every time she campaigns for Trump during her news conferences. Mr. Trump claims she has a right to campaign for him while she does government business. The president claims the First Amendment gives Conway the right to say whatever she wants while she does government business.

There are several lawsuits in the courts right now that will determine whether Congress can see Trump’s federal tax returns and his financial records. According to Congressman Adam Schiff, Trump may be part of a money-laundering scheme. Schiff wants Deutsche Bank to give him Trump’s financial records, but the president blocked Schiff’s request with a lawsuit.

The other case that may upend healthcare coverage for more than 20 million American’s is Trump’s lawsuit to throw the Affordable Healthcare Act out. Trump wants to develop a new healthcare plan that doesn’t have Obama’s name attached to it.

Trump told the press his new healthcare plan would help millions of Americans. But according to several Republican senators, he doesn’t have a plan.

Lawsuits give Trump power even when he doesn’t win. He keeps appealing and hoping all his legal battles reach the Supreme Court. He thinks the Supreme Court justices he nominated will have his back and rule in his favor.

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