Trump Wants To Talk To Putin About Iran At The G20 Summit

John Bolton still was to missile-barbeque Iran. But Trump put the hammer down on Bolton’s plan to start a Middle East catastrophe. Bolton waited a long time to be in his current security chief position. John thinks Iran is behind all the conflicts in that part of the world. Bolton is pro-Israel and pro Saudi Arabia, and so is Trump.

According to, this U.S. created showdown with Iran didn’t happen overnight. The oil tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz was a setup by the U.S., but it backfired, according to the Times. American allies don’t trust John Bolton, and they certainly don’t trust Trump.

Trump threw Europe to the curb when he told the press he didn’t care what happens to Europe during his war with Iran. Europe will be a big loser if Trump lets Bolton loose. Oil shipments, supply chains, and a plethora of economic draining events will happen in Europe and all over the world.

Mr. Putin called Trump a tech and tariff war starter. He wants Trump to back off Iran, and he wants Trump to let North Korea gradually take apart their nuke facilities. China President Xi just left North Korea after a historic meeting with Kim Jon Un. Xi told Kim he has his back if Trump tries to summit shame him again.

Kim Jon Un got a great letter from Mr. Trump, according to the North Korean news agency. Trump said he got a great letter from Kim a couple of weeks ago. Kim didn’t say why Trump’s letter was so great. European news reports say Trump agreed to buy land to put hotels on North Korea’s coastline at full ask price in the letter.

Putin and Xi plan to meet Trump at the G20 Summit. Trump thinks Xi will want to give in and talk trade deal again. But according to Chinese news reports, Xi won’t sign any trade deal until Trump backs off the tariffs, takes the ban off of Huawei, and gives Canada the okay to release Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou. Wanzhou is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the press Trump’s migrant detention centers are concentration camps. The conditions and circumstances surrounding these detention centers fit the definition of concentration camps, according to several experts who focus on the impacts of concentration camps. Trump’s America seems dreadfully familiar to historians, according to AOC and several Democratic congressmen.

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