Trump Won’t Sit And Talk Face-To-Face With Special Counsel Robert Mueller

For months, President Trump danced around Special Counsel Robert Mueller questions. A year ago, Mr. Trump said he would sit down with Mueller and answer questions. But his legal attack dog, Rudy Giuliani stepped in and said that would be political suicide. Giuliani had no doubts. The president would commit perjury if he sat down face-to-face with Mueller. Mr. Trump can’t help himself when he starts talking. His unplanned comments usually create some sort of political or legal storm that keeps his stable of attorneys busy. So Trump’s current position is he’s going to send his answers to Mueller. He’s not going to talk to Mueller one-on-one.

Trump has other political and press enemies in is legal frying pan right now. Mr.Trump gets mad at CNN reporter Jim Acosta when Acosta asked the president questions he doesn’t want to answer. Trump threw Acosta’s press pass in the White House trash because Acosta caught Trump in one of his nasty moods. When Trump called Acosta a “terrible person” and suspended his press pass, CNN didn’t hesitate taking legal action. Judge Timothy J. Kelly gave Acosta his pass back. But Trump kept the pressure on CNN and Acosta by saying he would suspend Acosta’s press pass once the 14-day injunction ended. But before CNN could get the judge involved, the White House said Acosta could get back in the Trump bashing game during the next press conference.

But Mueller investigation isn’t going away even though Trump still tries to make that happen. Mueller doesn’t talk to anyone outside of his investigating team. And he makes sure any leaks from his investigation come at the right time. The latest leak is more indictments are on the way. Some legal analysts say Donald Trump Jr. name might be on one of those indictments. Trump Jr. did a lot of things for his dad during the campaign. One of those things was meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign who allegedly had ties to the Kremlin. That meeting had the scent of collusion in the air. Some insiders think that’s why Sessions recused himself from the investigation. Sessions attended one of those Trump Jr. meetings. And Trump enhanced the scent of collusion when he asked the Russians on a live campaign broadcast to release the dirt they had on Mrs. Clinton.

The list of legal battles against Trump keeps getting longer. New York is digging into the Trump Foundation, and several Democrats want the court to decide whether Trump’s new Attorney General Matt Whitaker can be attorney general without Senate confirmation.

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