Some Trumpians Abandon The Trumpsters Sinking Political Ship

President Trump may be on the verge of a political meltdown. There are some Republican senators in Washington who still think the constitution is worth fighting for. The Republicans who backed Pelosi and company’s quest to stop Trump’s fascination with building a useless wall for an incredible amount of money know it is not only a stupid it is also unconstitutional.

That means the other Republican senators who didn’t vote with Pelosi think being a Trumpian is more important than upholding the constitution they swore to protect. That should scare a lot of Americans, according to the New York Times. If senators put other egocentric and political issues before the constitution American democracy is in serious trouble, according to political science experts.

Smart guys like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort believe Trump did the right thing by circumventing Congress to build his wall. They say that’s part of the swamp draining process. Maybe that’s what Trump had in mind when he came up with that slogan. He’s draining the constitution by making senators and congressman believe his gangster constitution is the way to go.

And here’s the dangerous part of senators ignoring the people’s wishes. Democracy becomes an oligarchy. That means a small group of people control the country. And that’s Trump’s plan, according to the Washington Post.

Republican senators led by Kentucky Senator Mitt McConnell control the country. Even the Democrats can’t stop these constitution bandits. from being unconstitutional lawmakers. These unconstitutional senators pledge their allegiance to the Trumpster, and democracy is in cardiac arrest.

But there are signs a few Republicans see the cracks in Trumptopia. They know new investigations in New York could reveal some ugly things about the Trumpster. His kids have ugly things hanging their gold-plated closets too.

The senators who believe Cohen know they have to abandon ship in order to political and ethically survive this infestation of Trumpism.

Mr. Trump will continue to claim his innocence. He’ll continue to cry and lie in order to build his wall. But the lawmakers who still believe in the constitution will stop his con game when there’s too much evidence not to stop it. When that happens, the Republicans who sided with Trump should think about another line of work, according to some Democrats.

The 2020 election will tell what kind of government America really has. If Trump gets reelected, the answer will be obvious. The world will send condolences for the loss Americans suffer from their Trumpian ignorance.

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