Trumps Attorney’s Want the President to be Granted Legal Immunity

The vision of power that President Donald Trump has is so extensive that it would dwarf any delusions of grandeur by President Richard Nixon. The lawyers that work for the US president have drafted a memo that advocates for unbridled presidential powers against special counsel Robert S. Mueller. The memo goes far beyond what the biggest fans of unitary executive power would have had wild dreams about. The presidential powers advocated for by the memo goes beyond the boundaries of even the power fanatics like the late Judge of the US Supreme Court Antonin Scalia. In retrospect, implementing the proposal by the Trump attorneys would essentially mean that the US president would be above the law.

The claim of limitless power by the lawyers who work for Donald Trump means that the president can defy subpoenas issued by the Robert Mueller investigation on any involvement or cooperation with Russian intelligence or the Kremlin itself. It would also mean that the president was immune to charges of obstruction of justice about the firing of the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) James Comey. By being the senior most law enforcement officer, such actions would never amount to obstruction of justice. Both legally and constitutionally any obstruction by the chief law enforcement officer would mean that that the president was obstructing himself.

This was according to a letter that was drafted by attorneys Jay Sekulow and John Dowd to the Mueller investigation team earlier this year in January. The arguments that have been presented by these two lawyers are unconstitutional and laughable to anyone who has been schooled on matters of law. However, the elephant in the room is who will have the courage to stop the two lawyers from drawing a curtain of infallibility around the US President. As long as the Republican Party is at the helm of Capitol Hill, Congress will not be in a position to stop one of their own in his tracks.

The Republican legislators have been steadfast in their support for the punitive policies by President Donald Trump. Moreover, the leaders of the conservative party are also terrified of alienating the hardcore supporters of the president. Perhaps the Supreme Court might act to save the US from a constitutional dictatorship from the Trump administration. However, it is worthy of note that President Trump is only a Supreme Court judge vacancy away from swaying the highest court in the land to the far-right.

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