Trump’s Circling His Legal Wagons In The Swamp While Theresa May Battles The Gators In Her Swamp

It’s no secret. Trump likes to battle his foes in court. Sometimes Trump goes into court knowing he’ll lose, but at least the Trump name is in front of the public. Trump welcomes attention. His greatest asset is his ability to form his own reality based on his beliefs. Good or bad Trump loves to be the focal point.

According to the New Times, Mr. Trump has racked up more than 4,000 legal battles over the last 40 years, and he’s proud of them. But the legal storm that’s brewing in Congress could be his biggest legal battles ever. Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Trump will be able to keep the Democrats at bay while he’s in office. But if he loses the 2020 election, Trump’s world will experience its own version of climate change.

No one expects the Democrats to impeach Mr. Trump. In fact, several political analysts think Trump will win the 2020 election. The pros say the Democratic Party is fragmented. Not all Democrats embrace Bernie Sanders and his Democratic socialism. The centrists still believe people will accept the old status quo mentality of the Obama administration. Voters want to upset the political applecart in Washington, but candidates like Joe Biden don’t want radical change.

The British Parliament acts like they don’t want change either. Prime Minister Theresa May can’t seem to get through to the Labour Party in Britain. May wants Brexit to work, but there’s too much political mud in the negotiating waters between May and the European Union. The chance of No-Brexit deal is still on the table.

Prime Minister May had to crawl back to European leaders when the agreement she carved out with Juncker and the other European counsel leaders got nixed by Parliament for the third time. The EU gave May a 6-month extension so May can get Parliament to agree on some kind of realistic deal. Some members of May’s cabinet don’t agree with May’s approach and that only complicates her attempt to leave the EU on good terms, according to British news reports.

Donald Trump thinks Theresa May messed up when she didn’t listen to his advice. Trump told May to sue the European Union to get the deal she wants.

May won’t resign even though members of Parliament and some members of her cabinet want her to go away. May will do what all good politicians do. She’ll find common ground and make Brexit a reality in one way or another, according to her supporters.

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