Trump’s Foreign Policy Demands Are Rooted In Dominance

Donald Trump Jr. has a date with the Senate Intelligence Committee, but his lawyer told the press, Senator Richard Burr subpoena doesn’t mean squat to him. Don Jr. had his way with a congressional committee in 2017. Lawmakers knew it was only a matter of time before they nabbed him for breaking the law. Senator Blumenthal wants Don Jr. in an orange jumpsuit instead of prancing around throwing shade at Democrats while he has that former Fox News chick on his arm.

Mr. Trump Jr. believes he’s above the law. His dad showed him how to go around the system when Don Sr. wrote the University of Pennsylvania a big fat check so Wharton could give his often confused and ignorant son a chance to show his ass on campus. The Trump kids know they can create chaos and reap the executive privilege reward. Executive privilege doesn’t apply to Don Jr., so he might just plead the Fifth on paper or ignore the Burr subpoena.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib thinks the country has a crooked CEO in the White House. Most people know that by now. His voter base knew that years ago. That’s why they elected him, according to some news reports. During a recent interview, Tlaib said we have a corporation running the country.

Rashida told Yahoo News Trump never put his corporation in a trust when the Russians helped him get elected. And the amount of foreign dignitaries that stay at the Trump Tower in Washington is off the charts. Big Don has foreign coin flowing into his Capital One bank account while he tears up the constitution.

Kim Jon Un’s cargo ship is now in American Samoa. Trump snatched the “Wise Honest” after Kim tried to get his attention by shooting off missiles. Some reports say Kim has to show his people Trump can’t throw him to the foreign policy curb just because Ben Netanyahu needs back up if Hamas starts missile-bashing him.

Trump’s foreign policy decisions have dominance written all over them. He’s in a trade war with China. And he has his weapon hanging out in the Middle East, and he wants Iran to see how big it. Bolton and Pompeo screwed up his CIA coup in Venezuela, and now he’s not sure who he wants to fight first.

The president wants to score a 2020 campaign victory, and war may be his wild card, according to the New York Times.

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