Trump’s Golfing Pal Senator Lindsey Graham Tries To Put A Legal Noose Around Clinton’s Neck At Barr’s Hearing

Bill Barr knew the Senate Judiciary hearings would not be as difficult to endure as the Congressional hearings. But Barr got a wake-up call when the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to attack his credibility. Senator Kamala Harris, a 2020 presidential candidate, gave Barr a lesson in legal wording when her poignant questions disrupted the attorney general’s thought process. Harris wanted Barr to trap himself and she succeeded, according to the Washington Post.

But Hawaii’s Senator Hirono gave Barr a dose of unfiltered truth when she called him a liar. Hirono said Barr lied when he told Congress he didn’t know if Mueller and his team thought Barr defended Trump in his four-page summary and press conference. Mueller sent Barr a letter in March before Barr testified in front of Congress, and he told Barr he didn’t agree with the way he worded his obstruction findings. Mueller plans to tell the real obstruction story when he testifies before Congress in May.

Mr. Barr defended his Trump claims. The president didn’t obstruct justice, and he’s betting Trump’s voter base will believe him. Barr has a date with Congress to explain why he acts like an oversized Rudy Giuliani when he’s on TV instead of fulfilling the duties of an attorney general. But after the Senate hearing, Barr wants to blow-off the Congressional hearing. Oversight Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler threatened Barr if he doesn’t show. But Nadler can’t do much. Barr claims he doesn’t like the format. In other words, he won’t put himself on the hot seat again after he ate crow at the Senate hearing.

Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, did his best to protect Barr from attacks by Democrats. He started the meeting with let’s put Clinton and Obama on trial for their ineptness when they were in charge. Mr. Trump continues to use Clinton and Obama as defensive shields when the Democrats get too close to his presidential mobster show. And Graham, the chameleon who worships every blade of grass on a Trump golf course, sticks up for the president no matter how many legal lines the Trumpster crosses.

Mr. Trump didn’t say much about Barr’s appearance before the Senate committee. He’s too busy bashing the firefighters union for backing Joe Biden. Joe is ahead in the polls, and his strategy is to attack Trump every chance he gets.


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