Trump’s Lawyers Are Digging In To Defend Trump From Mueller’s Report

Mueller’s back on Trump’s bad nerve. The Mueller investigation just indicted another Trump campaign undercover agent. Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist, and writer, allegedly gave Trump information about Democratic leaders through Roger Stone. Corsi and Trump got to hang out because they both think Obama tore a page out of the Trump’s handbook and lied about his birthplace.

But the Corsi indictment adds another piece to the Mueller collusion puzzle. Mueller seems to have Trump and several members of his family in his crosshairs, according to some news reports. But he’s not going to indict Trump or any members of his family. He’ll let the Democratic Congress do that when they get together in 2019. Mueller has all the information on the Trump campaign debacle, according to an-ex Mueller aide.

According to Alan Dershowitz, a well-known Harvard professor and frequent Trump advisor, Trump’s attorneys already know what Mueller knows, and they are digging in to launch a credibility campaign that includes the normal Trump exaggerations, victim-like messages, and vintage Trump flip the story statements. In fact, Mr. Trump already started his campaign to discredit the Mueller investigation. A recent Trump tweet makes it sound like Mueller didn’t interview all the people on his campaign. He didn’t interview the people who never had interactions with Russians. Imagine that. Then he sent another tweet that tries to bring the Democrats into focus in order to deflect some heat.

Trump’s new tweet seems to indicate he already knows what’s coming. He also knows his buddy Attorney General Matt Whitaker will drag his feet in releasing the information to anyone but Congress if he wants to still be one of Trump’s homeboys.

Despite Trump’s camera demeanor, some aides say he’s feeling the pressure. He knows the settlers are circling their get-even wagons around him, and he’s not sure who he’ll blame to get out of the mess he underhandedly orchestrated. Most Trumpians won’t care what Trump did or didn’t do after Trump and his attorneys paint a picture of the world the way Trump sees it. Those people threw the dice and bet their paychecks on Trump. He sold them a piece of P. T. Barnum’s pie, and they’re still eating it, according to Trump opponents. In fact, some Trumpians can’t stop eating what Trump serves them.

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