Trump’s Lawyers Say A President Is Above The Law. Legal Scholars Disagree.

There’s a legal storm brewing and Donald Trump is ready to face it head-on. The undercurrent of the Mueller investigation is turning Trump’s legal team into a backbiting group of legal attack dogs, reports The Washington Post. But Mueller and his team of ethical dirt digging investigators are not slowing down by the assumption that Trump is above the law. According to super-legal eagle Rudy Giuliani, Trump cannot be prosecuted. Rudy claims Mr. Trump has absolute control over the Mueller investigation.

According to Mr. Giuliani, Trump’s office protects him, and he can terminate the investigation at any time because he is the country’s chief law enforcement officer. Several legal analysts say Mr. Trump could fire senior officials or he could order them to stop the investigation because he is head of the executive branch. But in order to implement that kind of power, Trump’s intentions and motives must be corruption free. And at this point, Trump has a cloud of allegedly corrupt actions hanging over his head. Firing Comey and allowing his campaign team to meet with Russian operatives are acts that have the flavor of deceit, anger, and foul play written all over them, according to some legal scholars.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers sent Mueller an eye-opening, 20-page letter in January 2018. In that letter, lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow claim the president can’t obstruct justice. But the real reason for the letter, according to legal scholars, is to let Mueller know a court battle is brewing, and the Trump’s legal team is ready to fight Mueller’s findings. Trump and his lawyers will take their case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

The Supreme Court has a month left before this year’s session is over. There are 12 cases still pending, and those cases could have a dramatic impact on the country. Trump’s lawyers know a Supreme Court battle will prolong the legal fight for years. A lengthy court battle may work in Trump’s favor. But Giuliani said Trump may pardon himself instead of starting a legal war that may not end well for the president.

The perceived fight between legal experts is in high gear. There is a lot of mud in the legal water when it comes to what a president can do when he is facing obstruction of justice charges. Trump is doing what he does best by keeping everyone guessing, but eventually he will have to face Mueller and all the charges that may ensue in one way or another.

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