Trump’s Legal Fees Top $8 Million During His First 28 Months In Office

Theresa May needs help from Mr. Trump. Her Brexit deal is a mess, and the U.K. is in a pot of political turmoil. Parliament rejected the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal with the European Union three times. But May still believes her government can hammer out a deal that Parliament will approve. But even May’s government are at odds with each other over Brexit. If May can’t get her act together and come up with a solution for the backstop clause, the U.K. may leave the EU without a deal when the extension she got from EU leaders expire, according to British news reports.

But just like all smart politicians, Theresa May wants to shake up the status quo and make a risky move. Ms. May has President Trump in her risky mix. May asked the queen to invite Trump to England for one of those royal state visits. That means Trump will be able to act like the king he thinks he is when he rides down the streets of London in a royal carriage. He will finally get the recognition he wants, but he will experience that recognition in British chaos.

Mr. Trump likes chaos, according to a Times article. He likes it when people fight over his words and actions. Trump is a die-hard fighter who likes to battle in court. And he has the legal bills to prove it. According to ABC News, the Trump campaign paid lawyers $8 million while he’s been in office. Trump’s 2019 legal fees hit $1.7 million at the end of March. And former White House attorney Don McGahn’s firm received $1.2 million of that legal fee windfall.

McGahn’s legal firm, Jones Day, is still the number one legal firm on the Trump campaign’s legal payroll. The campaign paid Jones Day $5.6 million for legal services rendered for Trump, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner.

According to ABC News, Jones Day won’t continue to reap the rewards from Trump’s court battle addiction. The Trump campaign hired a new legal team to represent the president, according to a Politico article.

Trump enormous legal bills make Obama’s $2.7 million legal expenses look like pocket change. George W. Bush only spent $260,000 in legal fees during his first two years in office. But according to Bill Clinton, he left the White House $16 million in debt because of his legal issues.

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