Trump’s New Legal Team Is Ready To Rumble With Mueller

Attorney John Dowd said he had enough, and White House lawyer Ty Cobb is unhooking his legal wagon from the Trump legal train this month. It sounds like Trump needs a fresh group of lawyers who are itching to make a name for themselves in the world of high-profile legal cases. And it sounds like he found at least one of those legal titans in Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is already showing his legal prowess by letting the world know Trump paid attorney Michael Cohen back for the $130,000 payment he gave Stormy Daniels. According to some legal experts, Giuliani is trying to say Trump’s campaign didn’t violate any campaign finance laws because it was Trump’s money that paid Daniels.

Giuliani is a top-notch legal attack dog. But when the White House said Emmet Flood, Clinton’s impeachment attorney, was joining the Trump legal dream team, people around the president knew it was game on. Trump’s legal dream team wants to stop Mueller’s attempt to show Trump’s campaign broke the rules. Giuliani, Flood, and attorney Jay Sekulow have strong schoolyard fighting credentials, but another high-powered attorney will also join the team in the weeks ahead. Trump seems to be circling his legal wagons because Mueller’s investigation is getting under his skin and pressing on that one knee-jerk nerve of his.

According to the Washington Post, one senior White House advisor said nothing is off the table when it comes to discrediting the Mueller investigation. So all that talk about Trump sitting down and answering Mueller’s questions is just that. Trump likes to think he is his best legal counselor especially when there are legal or political matters to address. So no one is sure how effective Trump’s new legal team will be. But there’s no doubt they will keep the battle going as long as they can.

Ty Cobb wants the president to sit down with Mueller and answer questions, but Trump’s other attorneys are afraid Trump’s “shoot from the hip” answering style could backfire. That would give Mueller what he needs to prove Trump did obstruct justice when he fired Comey, and when Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigations.

All the signs for a showdown at the White House corral are surfacing now that Giuliani, Flood, and lawyer Jay Sekulow are working together. Trump knows Mueller has some dirt to throw against the wall. And Trump hopes his legal attack dogs can save him from the stench that dirt is going to create around Washington and the country.

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