The Trumpster Claims The Taliban Want To Talk Again

Mr. Trump’s golf fetish cost Americans $115 million in 2019. Trump likes to golf at the clubs he owns. So the Trump Organization gets a boost in revenue from the president’s security team and his entourage. Plus, Trump likes to invite Lindsey Graham to play with him. Lindsey looks the other way when the Trumpster cheats. He got into that habit when he lost his mind from all the political snake oil Trump throws his way.

Lindsey Graham’s political life depends on him kissing Trump’s butt every chance he gets. Mitch McConnell and Graham let the press know early in the impeachment process that Trump won’t get a guilty verdict in the Senate.

Chief Justice John Roberts will judge what he hears from witnesses, and he will make sure the Senate plays by the Rule of Law. Roberts faces a similar situation now that Trump’s tax cases may make the court’s docket this year. Roberts put a hold on the case Congress has in the hopper against the Trumpster. Trump’s lawyers have 10 days to come up with a better lie before the court hears the case.

Washington Federal Judge Jackson told the president’s lawyers Trump is not a king in the case Congress put in motion to get subpoenaed White House officials like Don McGahn to testify. But the Justice Department appealed that ruling. That could mean John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Bill Barr may not be able to lie in front of Congress the way Gordon Sondland did on two occasions.

Gordon Sondland’s got more than he thought he would get after testifying before Congress. Sondland keeps trying to get his story straight. But as more witnesses come forward, Gordon’s participation in the plan to hold military aid from Zelensky until he helped Trump screw Joe Biden was more involved than he led Congress to believe. Three women recently accused Gordon of being a little too up close and personal without their permission.

Adam Schiff told the press the hearings aren’t over even though Jerry Nadler’s committee is in the process of creating articles of impeachment. Schiff thinks more White House officials will testify.

The Trumpster went to Afghanistan to mend fences with the military. Trump pissed the military off when he fired Secretary of the Navy for taking Eddie Gallagher’s Navy Seal pin away. Trump said Eddie was his kind of guy. Mr. Trump also claimed the Taliban wants to talk again. Mr. Trump said they’re ready to say or do anything to get the Americans out of Afghanistan.

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