The Trumpster And Erdogan Break Mobster Style Bread In DC

The impeachment hearings will give Americans a good idea of how long Trump wanted to screw Ukraine. The Trumpster never got over Poroshenko’s government kissing Hillary’s butt in 2016. That’s why Trump listened to Paul Manafort’s conspiracy theory. Manafort told Trump Ukraine had an email server with Clinton dirt in it.

Mr. Trump wanted to get rid of Poroshenko for not kissing his ass in 2016. So he and the Rudster cooked up a criminal plan to help elect Zelensky, and at the same time, set him up to pull off the Trumpster’s below-the-belt move on Biden. Mr. Trump knew getting military aid for his country was a priority, so he held that aid to make Zelensky his bitch after the comedian won the election.

The Rudster used two of his shady criminal clients to help him get Zelensky’s attention. Rudy used Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman two Ukraine-born Floridians to make the right contacts, so Giuliani could strong-arm Zelensky. State Department officials like Bill Taylor scratched their heads and asked Pompeo why Rudy was operating a shadow state department in Ukraine.

Marie Yovanovitch was the American ambassador when Rudy and Trump tried, and succeeded, to stick-it to Zelensky. Marie wanted to know why Rudy was acting like a cabinet member. Rudy knew he had to get rid of Marie if he wanted to pull his plan off without getting caught. So Giuliani started a smear campaign against Marie. The Trumpster fired her without just cause in order for Rudy to seal the under-the-table deal with Zelensky.

President Zelensky told Rudy and Trump he would start a Biden investigation as soon as Trump released the money. But when the whistleblower uncovered Trump’s quid pro quo conversation, Zelensky said the old Burisma gas company investigation did not find any wrongdoing, so that case is closed. Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma. Trump wanted to prove Joe got his son the $50,000-a-month job by quid pro quo-ing Ukraine. Zelensky also told the press he doesn’t know about the email server Trump wants to find.

Mr. Trump asked his business partner Erdogan to Washington to help him take some impeachment heat off his ass. Erdogan and the Trumpster have a few deals working through a brother-in-law connection. It’s complicated, but Jared Kushner plays a majAnd he might act like he cares about the Turkish dictator missile-frying the Kurds in Northern Syria. But Trump won’t mess with Erdogan because Trump’s only hotel in Europe is in Turkey.

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