The Trumpster Started An Impeachment War With Congress

Rudy Giuliani is the confused, but cunning former 911 hero and mayor of New York. Rudy turned in all his good deeds when Trump asked him to be his legal double-talker while he chokes the constitution with his mobster moves, according to the New York Times.

Mayor Rudy is now some sort of comic legal hero who likes to talk about legal issues, but he never seems to hit any legal nails on the head. Rudy claims he was constitutional law standout in law school and that’s why he’s able to defend the Trumpster as the president chaotically drills holes in the foundation of America’s democracy. Trump’s democracy is the rule of one with yes man carrying his McDonald’s bag while he cheats at golf.

Trump’s democracy is a nationalistic con game that spits tariff snake oil over America’s allies and makes deals with dictators who live by their own quid pro quo. Sanctions and tariffs are Trump’s weapons of war, and they take no prisoners.

Americans financially support Trump’s tariff war with China and the upcoming tariff war with the European Union. Trump’s democracy punishes the people while he makes business deals around the world, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Giuliani, Mike Pompeo, Bill Barr, and Mike Pence approve of Trump’s democracy. Mike Pompeo’s neck is in a legal noose. Pompeo told Schiff to go fish instead of turning over Ukraine documents and allowing state department officials to testify. Mike might have an impeachment inquiry in his future unless he gets the Trump snake oil out of his system.

Attorney General Bill Barr is in Italy chasing the ghosts Trump invented to dispute the Mueller investigation. Bill is also blocking information Schiff and other committee chairman need for the inquiry. Several Department of Justice officials claim Bill is a cranky old Trump-lover who hates Democrats, the government, and telling the truth, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump declared an impeachment war with Pelosi, Schiff, and the people of America. That means important legislation will sit in the partisan swamp until after the 2020 election, according to political analysts.

Bill Barr plans to defend Trump’s democracy instead of America’s democracy during the war. And Pompeo, and Pence, as well as other Trumpians, will continue to beat his snake oil drum.

America’s system of government is on trial. The Trumpster thinks he’ll win that battle now that most supreme court judges are Trumpians.

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