Turns Out That The EPA’s Decision To Open Up Alaska Mine Was Influenced Directly By President Trump

One duty of governments around the world is to keep their societies’ natural resources, wildlife, and the environment in good shape. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency does just this.

Federal government agencies in the United States such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are operated independently of the President, though that isn’t to say that United States President Donald J. Trump is unable to influence such organizations.

Just yesterday, on Friday, Aug. 9, 2019, unnamed sources working for the EPA shared with popular news agency CNN that Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy told the state’s in-house staff of scientists that mining for both copper and gold at Pebble Mine would once again be legally allowed.

What’s most noteworthy about this move is that U.S. President Donald Trump met with Gov. Dunleavy only one day before changing the EPA’s policy not to mine there due to inflicting imminent danger on several fish species that call the nearby Bristol Bay home.

The Environmental Protection Agency made the decision public some two weeks ago, on July 30, 2019, though the aforementioned staff sources had learned of the EPA’s ruling more than a month ahead of time. This decision came one day after Governor Mike Dunleavy met with President Trump on Air Force One, the President’s personal vehicle for air travel, on June 26. Dunleavy actually didn’t fly on the aircraft when Trump met with him; rather, the two simply had a private discussion on a government aerial facility’s tarmac.

Trump was on his way to the annual G20 summit, which was being held in Tokyo, Japan, led by this year’s Chairman of the G20 summit, Shinzo Abe, who doubles as the Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun – Tokyo.
People who work for the Environmental Protection Agency, according to CNN, are entirely confident that the close proximity between when Trump talked to Mike Dunleavy and when the Alaska Governor handed Trump’s decision down to the proper authorities within The Land of the Midnight Sun’s staff.

The four sources within the Environmental Protection Agency who spoke to CNN held the consensus that the decision that Trump directly handed down to the EPA and Gov. Mike Dunleavy did not match up with the Clean Water Act’s provisions, which outline – among other things – that government scientists like those mentioned above must be consulted as part of the decision-making process.

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