Undocumented Migrants are Failing to Appear at Asylum Hearings

With its last pilot program in connection with undocumented immigrants, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established that about one-third of all children crossing the border into the United States were not the biological children of the adults they accompanied. Now, according to Breitbart News, the results of the most recent pilot program conducted by DHS have established that 87% of all undocumented migrant asylum seekers who have been caught and released into the United States failed to appear at their court dates. Most of those people are given work permits that allow them to take jobs in the United States prior to the time of their asylum hearings.

The individuals who failed to appear at their court hearings were recently labeled “fugitives” in congressional testimony by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. At the same hearing, a different federal immigration agent testified that only about 12% of all undocumented aliens who finish the asylum application process actually qualify for it. One commentator remarked such a small percentage is representative of the “enormous fraud and abuse” of U.S. immigration laws.

As per Harvard-Harris pollsters, two out of every three American voters are opposed to catching and releasing undocumented migrants after they have crossed into the United States. Many of them have ranked a reduction on all immigration into the country as one of their top national priorities. To date, border apprehensions for the 2019 year are running at a faster pace than every fiscal year of the Obama administration. Although many Americans believe that a border wall will affect the influx of undocumented migrants, only about 42 miles of it have been built. Much of that consisted of replacement barriers.

When an undocumented migrant applies for asylum and fails to appear at his or her asylum hearing, their application is forfeited. Given the fact that such a high number of undocumented migrants are not appearing at their asylum hearings, Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel must contend with trying to locate, identify and deport each such individual. That has been characterized as nearly impossible and a great burden on federal resources. In the most recent congressional hearing, no proposals were made on how to tackle the failure to appear issue.

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