Vermont Passes Law To Protect Pregnant Women

A team of agencies in Vermont are working together to come up with additional protections for pregnant women. There was a law passed in January that required workplaces to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant women.

Cary Brown is the executive director of the Vermont Commission on Women. He stated that they are working hard to ensure that pregnant women are not mistreated in the workplace. He also stated that pregnant women need to know that they have a right to not be discriminated against in the workplace.

Many pregnant women are forced to stop working because their workplace does not make the necessary accommodations. Making one small change can help pregnant women stay in the workplace. According to an article published by the “New York Times”, pregnancy discrimination is a widespread problem.

Cary stated that he has not done a lot of research on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. However, he stated Vermont is ahead of a lot of other places because of the law that was passed a few months ago. Cary said that he has heard a lot of stories of women who did not have any accommodations made for them while they were pregnant. He has also heard stories from women who were discriminated against because they were pregnant. In fact, some women have been fired just because they were pregnant.

There are several ways that you can employers can make accommodations for employees. For example, they can give a stool to a pregnant woman. They can also allow a pregnant woman to take extra breaks. Employers and employees can work together to come up with accommodations that are reasonable.

Washington D.C. and 22 other states have laws that require workplaces to make accommodations for pregnant women. Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most common forms of workplace discrimination in the United States.

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