What is Pre-Divorce Legal Counseling?

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant marriage can be difficult. Even under the best of circumstances, marriage is a stressful and complex world. Some of these stresses and complexities can cause your marriage to become strained, forcing you to consider divorce as your only option. But, there is a way to protect yourself when going down that costly and often emotionally devastating route.

If you feel that your marriage is beyond repair and divorce is the only option, pre-divorce counseling can help to minimize the often negative impacts associated with these proceedings. Marriages can fail for many reasons, whether you think it’s your partner’s fault or not, your irreconcilable differences could end up requiring pre-divorce counseling before all is said and done.


Although many states do not require counseling by law, you may still want to inform yourself of these services once your relationship gets to this point. Counseling could help you with attempts for the reconciliation of your marriage, or if that’s not an option, it will provide you with resources you can rely on when your divorce goes to litigation hearings. Divorces can be ugly for all parties involved. Pre-divorce counseling can help prepare you for the emotional aspects of what is to come regarding the circumstances of your divorce.

Counseling can also show you and your spouse how to develop the necessary skills for separating practical issues with emotional ones. This is extremely important when dealing with decisions on dividing personal assets, acquired debt, and in many cases, children responsibilities. Counseling can assist you and your spouse when it comes to engaging with one another in a more productive environment so that all parties’ best interests are protected.

Counseling should be your attempt to navigate the separation process while going through the divorce in the most amicable way for both you and your spouse. This will result in the least collateral damage during the process, and will protect you, and possibly your children as well.

Is Pre-Divorce Counseling In The Best Interest For All Parties Involved?

If there are children involved, take a deeper look into the issues of your problems. You at least owe this to them and this may give you one last chance to keep your marriage together. If you have a good marriage counselor, and aren’t too far gone within your own relationship, you may be able to get back that strong bond your marriage once had. But, if you still feel like divorce is the best option, at least you will now have the added benefit of going through the process and you will come out much stronger because of it.

When choosing a pre-divorce counselor, it’s important to remember that they are not all alike. Some may be good, while others may not be as educated and experienced. If you and your spouse feel like your marital issues are not being addressed properly or being recognized at all, go to another counselor and see if they are able to help you better. Every counselor brings their own unique perspective to a situation. Healing a marriage can be a daunting task, and not all counselors may be up to that task when it comes to your circumstances.


On the other hand, if you find that you’re continuously bouncing from one counselor to another, maybe it’s time to take a good, long look at yourself and see if you are the one being resistant to what they are offering. Divorce can cause you many unwanted stresses. Counseling doesn’t have to be one of those stresses.

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