White House Backs Off Shutdown Stance

With just days before a government shutdown, the White House is signaling that their stance may be changing. Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated to the press today that President Trump was “disappointed” by the lack of progress. Much of that disappointment was pointed towards the House and Senate, both of which are still in the process of putting together a passable budget.

This is not the first time Trump has threatened a shutdown, reveals usnews.com. On several occasions, the Commander-in-Chief has expressed a willingness to hinge the border wall on budgetary negotiations. His most recent statement came during the on-camera meeting with top candidate for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In the now famous negotiations, Trump expressed a willingness to take credit for a shutdown while squaring off against the Democratic politicians. The unprompted comment left many in politics worried about constituents who might not have been as receptive to the idea. It was enough to leave many offering up no comment instead of a stance on the subject.

The future of the border wall is still up in the air with the possibility of a shutdown. While some Republican lawmakers see a path towards getting a wall into the budget, others are skeptical. With the house turning over control to the Democrats in January, the prospects may be now or never for the party. All of this, along with limited budgetary options partly fueled by large tax cuts put the shutdown situation in perspective for politicians. With the White House indicating their positions could be shifting, Republicans may be looking at a budget compromise that removes the wall altogether or significantly reduces it in size as well as scope. According to some long time insiders, it may be the only way to prevent a shutdown as both parties save face with their core constituents.

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