Will Donald Trump Legalize Cannabis?

Cannabis advocacy has gained quite a bit of traction recently, as more and more major corporations are backing the nation’s favorite cash-crop. Over the past month alone, some of the biggest cigarette manufacturing and beer producing companies, like Marlboro and Budweiser, have finally invested in cannabis, leading some supporters to believe that federal legalization is just around the corner. In fact, many seem to think that President Donald Trump will fully legalize it during the next year, maybe even before Christmas.

In addition to gaining the support of huge and relevant corporations, Congress signed a bill legalizing the growth and nationwide production of industrial hemp. In over eight decades, hemp is now legal to grow on a large scale. The fact that President Donald Trump personally signed off on the bill is enough to make some believe that marijuana prohibition is almost over.

The belief isn’t that outlandish either. Since Democrats reclaimed control of the house during the United States mid-term elections, by a landslide some might add, cannabis is expected to receive much more attention over the on-coming year. Many representatives who blocked propositions involving cannabis have either resigned or been voted out.
Furthermore, lawmakers have already been pushing for legalized cannabis amendments, believing that if the house is controlled by Democrats, the days of prohibition of numbered.

Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence supporting expectations for federal cannabis legalization lies in Donald Trump’s approval ratings and the impact he’s had during his term as President. Many people have been left feeling isolated and abandoned by the Trump administration, forcing many on both sides of the political spectrum to suspect Donald Trump of potentially using the federal legalization of cannabis as a primary platform for reelection in 2020. Whether this happens or not, only time will tell, but advocates and smokers are undoubtedly rejoicing that the fear of jail will no longer loom overhead.

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